Buy Low Price Happy Hut Large Red (B0002ARYGQ)

Buy lowest price Happy Hut Large Red (B0002ARYGQ). This awesome Bird Toys will suit your birds needs. Buy your Happy Hut Large Red (B0002ARYGQ) today.

Image of Happy Hut Large Red (B0002ARYGQ)

Happy Hut Large Red (B0002ARYGQ)

Happy Hut Large Red is a bird toy product from MULTIPET INTERNATIONAL. This Happy Hut Large Red will be delivered directly to your door with fast shipping time.A cozy hideaway that makes birds feel warm, safe, and secure. All birds need a place to get away to. They need privacy and time to think. So be a pal. Clip Happy Hut to the top or side of the cage. Remember that drafts pose a health threat to tropical birds. Happy Hut keeps birds warm. Birds are attracted to their own color so choice one that is close. Red is ideal for: eclectus parrots. Click here for more details

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