Buy Low Price Xavier Parrot Cage And Matching Stand (B002A4FAM2)

Buy lowest price Xavier Parrot Cage And Matching Stand (B002A4FAM2). This awesome Bird Cage Stands will suit your birds needs. Buy your Xavier Parrot Cage And Matching Stand (B002A4FAM2) today.

Image of Xavier Parrot Cage And Matching Stand (B002A4FAM2)

Xavier Parrot Cage And Matching Stand (B002A4FAM2)

Xavier Parrot Cage And Matching Stand is a bird cage stand product from DAHAK INTERNATIONAL LIMITED. This Xavier Parrot Cage And Matching Stand will be delivered directly to your door with fast shipping time.If you have a medium sized bird like a African Grey or have thoughts of getting a number of parakeets, canaries, conures, rosellas, cockatiels or budgerigars, then you will need some suitable home for your birds This is really a just the thing, inexpensive, fabulous looking large bird cage complete with its stand best of all its easy to clean, a wonderful home for your bird, you can keep your small to medium sized birds in this cage you put some toys in and your birds will be so happy The overall dimensions of this cage is as follows 152cm x 53.5cm x 63.5cm bar width is 12mm it comes complete with 2 stainless steel feeder bowls and three perches Dark grey specked cages look really smart and are less intrusive and as you can see this cage is very dark nearly black with tiny flecks, the opening top of the cage is very easy on the eye and the curved design is repeated throughout the cage If your bird is hand reared and tame you can open the top of the cage to allow the bird to sit on the perch without being closed in The main door can be opened outwardly, its very secure and parrot proof The wire bar floor protector is a good idea, this will separate the base of the cage that you would preferably put a rectangle of paper in for easy cleaning, it separates the waste and the part of the cage that the bird lives in Frittered food and bird droppings pass through the wire bars and collects in the underneath tray, which slides out to allow hassle free maintenance for you and your feathered friend Features #Wheels #3 Perches #Bar Space 12mm #Matching Base #Sliding Tray #Bottom Tray #Opening Top #2 x Bowls #One Door Opening #Grey with Flecks #152cm x 53.5cm x 63.5cm Click here for more details

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